About Kelpie

About Kelpie

Short story (50-60 pages) // Romance // Comedy // Fantasy

Franklin's getting ready for his first blind date. He's nervous, his outfit's a loaner, and his mom won’t. Stop. Calling him. Luckily a certain sarcastic sea-maiden named Kelpie (who resides at the rendezvous point) appears just in time to sort out Franklin's romantic past and get to the bottom of what it means to start over.

Updates will be posted twice a week (usually Mondays and Fridays). Kelpie is also on Tapas!
Once posting is complete I plan to give Kelpie a print-run with some fun behind the scenes content!

About the author

Hi! I'm Jake Romano, a graphic designer and illustrator from New Jersey. I love to tell stories about humans (and mermaids, apparently).

You can find me everywhere @JakeRomanoArt.

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Thank you for reading my comic!

Character Images

I used these for reference while putting my story together. Kelpie and Franklin's designs have changed slightly in the final draft, but I still like to look at these because having behind the scenes content makes me feel super professional (HA) enjoy!

This is Franklin, the main guy character from my comic.

This is Kelpie, one of the main characters from my webcomic.